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TWEETS: Mark Salling sends a special I Love You to his fans via Twitter

Mark Salling has spoken, y’all, and he appreciates his fans’ support.

So this is what we have to say to you guys: continue to support him! Mark has always been good to his fans. He has always appreciated us, and he has always been open about that fact… and in his time of need, he deserves the same in return. So please - let’s leave the arguing and the big issues up to his team who know how to handle these matters, and in the meantime, support him. Tweet him your love; tweet him your support; let him know that you are behind him because he deserves it!

Stay classy, Mark fans, and Mark - we at Mark-SallingWorld.net love and support you. That won’t change.

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ARTICLE - Mark Salling: There Is ‘No Truth’ to Sexual Battery Lawsuit

We posted this on the site as well, but I would like to reiterate our view on this… 

This is the only thing that will be posted on the manner because of the fact that it includes a direct statement from Mark and his representatives. Outside of that, this is his personal business, and as I’ve said many times – this website is to celebrate him. It is not to post rumors, and unless about said rumors include statements from Mark himself or his team of representatives, we will not be posting about them.

We support Mark Salling here because we are dedicated fans of him and of his work, and that will always be the case.

Thank you.

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